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For our Kids In The Kitchen at home, there’s no better recipe than an easy one! A holiday staple recipe here without the fuss of kneading! Mix-it, drop-it and bake-it cookies are where it’s at this holiday season as we are more mindful of hygiene in the kitchen.

Typical additions can be found below. If you’re looking for a dairy-free version, just substitute coconut oil for the butter. Remember: EVERY kitchen recipe is a science experiment waiting to be discovered! Get on those aprons, wash your hands and have some kitchen fun!

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Fire Safety Word Search

Here’s another fun page to identify words for our featured Fire Safety Week.
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Here’s a fun collage of just some of the great entries we received for our Stouffville Rocks contest in conjunction with PlantSnap which encouraged our members to customize their own rock and leave it at a location beside a tree, flower or bush they learned about via the educational app.

Submissions came rolling in and we awarded every participant with a prize since their contributions were AWESOME!

Congrats to all of our Tiny Seedlings who entered!

Stouffville Rocks Event submitted photos collage

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