We are loud and proud when it comes to celebrating our beautiful country on Canada Day!

Celebrate safely and enjoy the comforts of family this July 1st!

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Dear Families,

As an organization dedicated to families, we have been following the circuit of media coverage related to COVID-19 very closely.

As parents running this organization, health and safety are always at the forefront. School closures, public parks, and social distancing are still in full effect and we continue our community responsibility by adhering to these guidelines.

We all hope that this community responsibility is an action which makes a positive difference at this time and wish all of our families and friends a continued safe and healthy stay in the comfort of their homes with loved ones.

We hope that in this unprecedented time you are able to smile at the positives always found in connection, communication and ones who mean the most, as it’s these very moments where pause and reflection can make any situation valuable to us all.

We are regularly in contact with our appreciated community First Responders and local business members whom we often invite to our many events during this season.

Please stay tuned to our website and social media feeds for our newly featured TREASURE CHEST brimming with creative activities for your children, highlighting upcoming Earth Day and Mother’s Day and more!

Shana Daniel
Tiny Seedlings


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